About Us

Offering Maui Snorkeling Tours & Whale Watches

Founded on a deep love for the ocean and a commitment to sustainable practices, Koa Kai is now one of Maui’s preferred snorkeling and whale watching boat excursion options. Our crew loves sharing their knowledge about the beautiful Maui island and creating outstanding experiences for all guests.
Underwater shot of two people marveling at a stunning water
An aerial view of a boat navigating through the water

Discover Maui with Koa Kai

With its crystal-clear waters and blossoming marine life, Maui boasts several internationally renowned locations for snorkeling and sunset cruises. The island’s unique underwater topography and protected marine areas ensure that swimmers of all experience levels can safely explore. Whether you’re snorkeling through its warm waters or toasting to the day’s end onboard, your Maui experience will leave you yearning for more.

Why Choose Us

Exceptional Experiences

Explore Maui with a meticulously crafted signature experience. Enjoy our award-winning service while experiencing premier snorkel locations and beautiful scenery.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Koa Kai is committed to Malama ka 'aina (taking care of the land), which means that our rib boat implements eco-friendly and sustainable practices to minimize our ecological footprint.

Adventuring In Style

From ample space and premium amenities to an attentive and friendly crew, Koa Kai offers on-the-water adventures that prioritize both comfort and thrills.


We prioritize sustainability by working with local brands. Careful selection of our partnered services supports the island's natural resources and local economy.